tra-Ordinary Opportunities

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Collaboration and immersion is the key to our client success

Our client experience is unique. We provide the “WHY” in your investment journey. This means a journey where you are just as committed and passionate about what you invest in as we are.


FIN-X is a global multi-asset full-service
investment advisory firm.

FIN-X is a global multi-asset full-service investment advisory firm.

The FIN-X founders felt Australian investors were limited in their opportunities to participate in global investment opportunities. FIN-X was created as the answer to this problem.

"Our investors don’t have to run with the herd,
chasing the same limited opportunities…the same same".

Our investors don’t have to run with the herd, chasing the same limited opportunities….“the same same”.

For our clients it’s all about opportunity not available to most.

The Australian market represents 2% of the world. Investor home bias means they are potentially missing out on the other 98% as an investment opportunity.

As a client of FIN-X our aim is to provide you with a unique experience, bringing “Xtra-Ordinary opportunities” with a distinctive personal touch around our core values.


 "We have been clients of the founders of Fin-X Wealth for many years and have always found them to be professional and thoughtful in their approach to managing our affairs. They have assisted us through our financial journey over a 15-year period, providing clear and concise strategic and investment advice. We have been impressed with their personal, conservative and caring approach and have had the pleasure of seeing their business develop into a unique offering under their own AFSL."

Bill & Val Coote

"I have had the pleasure of doing business & (enjoying the friendship) with Nav and Brett since about 2007.I have always found them to be considered, knowledgeable & forthcoming with their sound advice & opinions.Both are hardworking and diligent with their research both in a macro and micro focus. The knowledge & understanding of the broader technology & digital sector, and gig economy have been extremely valuable to me as I don’t have the time and skills to keep abreast of this rapidly changing sector."

Michael Webb

"There is only one reason I have dealt with Nav & Brett - they bring a unique thought process which is strategically based compared to other investment advisers. Their unique style and insight has allowed me to gain access to a global investment universe with unique opportunities. Their level of interaction and proactivity has been much appreciated" 

Shermin Cabral

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